The Top Fitness Marketing Podcasts of 2021 (and all time)

#297 This episode is a countdown of the Top Fitness Marketing Podcasts of 2021 (and All Time). I couldn’t resist throwing in some that are huge standouts from prior years (this show is in its 9th season)!

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In true David Letterman style, which is what any self-respecting Iowa girl would do, here we go!

The Top Fitness Marketing Podcasts of 2021 (and all time)

#10 Why You Don’t Want Your Social Media to Go Viral #272

Shocker right? Why don’t you want your social media to go viral? I lay it all out here. It may be an eye opener about a number of other goals you thought you had that aren’t serving you.

#9 Fitness Marketing in Less Time: How to Get It All Done

The most precious thing you have is time. If you’re doing busy work constantly, chances are you’re not getting it all done and you’re not doing it well.

#8 How to Get Results on Instagram Without Wasting Time

If you’re using Instagram, you want more than to see your own brilliant pictures or REELs. You want engagement, and to grow your email list.

#7 Is Passive Revenue Too Good to Be True?

If you are new to or a stranger to affiliate marketing, this is your introduction. Revenue in your jammies is not an impossible wish. Just what and how do you do this though?

#6 Do You Pay Yourself First?

It’s a big question and it’s often not the first thing considered by a health coach or personal trainer. The dollar per session may sound good, but when you factor in travel, time, writing programs, doing all the things…. If you haven’t learned to automate… then this. Take your business further faster with less time in 2022.

Continuing with the Top 5 Fitness Marketing Podcasts of 2021

#5 2020 My Systematic New Fitness Client Process

This is by far one of the most popular episodes. It’s clear you want help structuring a system to work with clients and deliver excellence as you set up your business. Here’s how to set up yours.

#4 Start and Grow Your Menopause Coaching Services

If you run menopause fitness coaching services or want to, this is for you. Do you know the difference between training a woman 50 and one 70? Between a woman in perimenopause and post? Do you know what triggers belly fat and hot flashes and how to adapt an exercise prescription that improves her flashes?

Here’s an inside look at how to be the go-to-authority.

#3 Taking Care of You, Personal Trainer & Coach Business Plan

This episode content came from my observations and conversations with female health coaches and fitness trainers and business owners who are intelligent women doing things they’d never be able to – or allow – their employees to do. If you’re overworking, underpaying yourself, operating with a schedule that doesn’t mimic what you tell clients to do… this is for you.

#2 4 Steps to Create Fitness Marketing Videos

Video is still and is always going to be king and queen. So, this episode coming in at #2 is no surprise. You know you should. You are. You want more success doing it. Help is here!

#1 Are the Words You Use Costing You Customers?

If you’re not in your customer’s head, heart and thinking and feeling like them, it’s going to be very difficult to support a “yes” decision when it comes to getting started with you. Chances are if you haven’t created your programs with that same unique slant you’re going to struggle to make programs they love and experience wins doing.

Did you know there are 5 unique buying personas of female buyers? So even if you’re trying to reach women in their 40’s they aren’t all going to respond to the same words (or images). This episode will help.

Resources Mentioned:

Marketing to Women Copywriting Course

Flipping50 Menopause Fitness Specialist

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