Tracking the Decline to 0 Steps per Day

Wearable fitness tech might be useless without you. As cool as these devices are, fitness researchers have discovered that they aren’t getting people moving. Instead, Garmin, Apple, Fitbit and others are actually just logging humanity’s slow decline into sedentarism. That’s bad news for the world but good news for gym owners and fitness coaches. Turns … Read more

The Top 5 Metrics For Tracking Your Fitness Website’s Success

I get this question all the time: “How do I know if my website is working?” I love this question because the answer surprises most people. There are very relevant metrics you can monitor to understand how well your website is performing. But there are also what I like to call “vanity metrics” which don’t … Read more

The Significance of Wearables and Tracking for Strong Fitness Businesses

By Hugo BraamSpecial FBA Contributor There was a time when many of us only tracked our health check via an app when going on a run, or perhaps when our phone or smartwatch to see how many steps we might have taken during a particularly busy day. The concept of performance measurement through a wearable … Read more