Starting A Gratitude Journal: Tips, Templates + 5 To Buy

While other wellness practices can feel impossible to get the hang of (looking at you, meditation), gratitude journaling is a simple, straightforward method that has a pronounced impact on mood and mental health. Here are the perks of the practice, tips on how to stick with it, sample prompts and templates, and beautiful journals that’ll … Read more

Strongman Mark Felix Tips For Lifting In Your Late 50s

Mark Felix, the Grenadian-English strongman icon, has already forged a huge legacy during his 20-year career but, in an exclusive chat with M&F, ‘The Miracle’ appeared more fired up than ever ahead of the 2022 World’s Strongest Man competition taking place May 24-29 in Sacramento, CA. We sat down with Felix, one of the world’s … Read more

5 Tips for Personal Trainers to Create Engaging Facebook Stories

Facebook describes Stories as “a great way to connect with your audience and share content between your scheduled video posts.” Because of this, personal trainers and other professionals in the fitness industry can use it to promote themselves, their services, and their brand. Stories only last for 24. As ephemeral content, they encourage audiences to … Read more

20 Tips to More Midlife Fitness Clients Post Pandemic

If you’re working with midlife women and love solving the problems of insomnia, weight gain, and belly fat with exercise modifications made for menopause, and want more midlife fitness clients… or health coaching clients… this is for you. You already realize that the time of day a woman exercises may determine how her hormones respond. … Read more

Middle-Distance Runner, Isaiah Harris, Tips For Speed

Sprinters are at times flashier, while marathoners may be known as gutsier, but when it comes to describing middle-distance runners, a quietly confident combination of flash and guts is what it takes to excel. The 400 and 800 meters are sometimes forgotten components of run conditioning in people’s programs, but could be very beneficial in … Read more

5 Tips To Incorporate More Plant-Based Foods Into Your Diet

Dietitian Aziwe Booi shares five tips on how to incorporate plant-based foods into your diet to give your health the kickstart it needs before winter. READ MORE | Cover the plant-based basics #1. Understand what plant-based eating is and why it’s good for you As a nation of meat-eaters, the term plant-based might sound a … Read more

Mike Aidala Turkish Getups World Record Holding Tips

In March 2022, Mike Aidala set a new Guinness World Record for lifting weights via Turkish getups. The 32-year-old endurance athlete and fitness coach, based in Boulder, Colorado lifted a total of 13,823-pounds in 1-hour, crushing the previous record by close to 1,000-pounds while also raising money for Mission 22 , an organization that Focuses … Read more