What is Time in the Target Range and How to Maintain it?- HealthifyMe

If you have diabetes or even otherwise, glucose variability is something everyone experiences. It refers to the constant variation in your sugar levels. However, the lower the variations, the better it is for you. Lower glycemic variability also means that you remain in your healthy average range of glucose levels a little longer. This article … Read more

Time to Digitize in Order to Innovate Group Exercise

By Emma Excell​, Special FBA Contributor Delivered well, group exercise can become the beating heart of any fitness offer, bringing together like-minded people into a loyal community. But, the experience does not start and end in the studio, it starts with the booking process and ends when the member exits the building. As a result, … Read more

Actor DeVaughn Nixon “Winning Time” Transformation

In HBO’s, Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty, the makers of the sports drama have gone to great lengths to add authenticity to the story of the Los Angeles Lakers Showtime era that was led by Magic Johnson and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. This desire for authenticity is never more apparent than with the casting … Read more

The Top Fitness Marketing Podcasts of 2021 (and all time)

#297 This episode is a countdown of the Top Fitness Marketing Podcasts of 2021 (and All Time). I couldn’t resist throwing in some that are huge standouts from prior years (this show is in its 9th season)! You can find the episodes at fitnessmarketingmastery.com, Apple podcasts, iTunes, iHeartRadio and anywhere you listen to podcasts. In … Read more