The Half Pigeon Stretch Can Help Men Over 50 Loosen up Tight Hips

Upon hearing the term “muscle tightness”, many people immediately think of their inability to touch their toes. Granted, tight hamstrings can lead to tons of painful conditions and injuries. That being said, general hip inflexibility is also a glaring issue in the average person. Tightness in this area can cause back pain, weakness, and a … Read more

Nothing Soothes Your Radiating Back Pain Like This 30-Second Back Stretch

Robin Mckenzie is a figure known by physical therapists around the globe. Years ago, he created a revolutionary method for diagnosing and treating back pain. His treatment style became known as the “Mckenzie Method” and certain exercises are now known simply as “Mckenzie exercises.” One exercise that is commonly used by Mckenzie-certified PTs for the … Read more

Combat the Effects of Aging With This Full Body Stretch

There are few certainties in life. However, one thing is certain: we are all getting older by the minute. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. With age comes wisdom, and often, our later years are the best ones of our life. Unfortunately, getting older often comes with some physical difficulties as well. For instance, many … Read more