Tracking the Decline to 0 Steps per Day

Wearable fitness tech might be useless without you. As cool as these devices are, fitness researchers have discovered that they aren’t getting people moving. Instead, Garmin, Apple, Fitbit and others are actually just logging humanity’s slow decline into sedentarism. That’s bad news for the world but good news for gym owners and fitness coaches. Turns … Read more

5 simple steps to improve your post-workout recovery routine

When it comes to creating the perfect workout routine, it’s important to factor in some time for post-workout recovery. Research has shown that taking time to rest and recover after a workout can (and positively) influence your fitness progress Because the exercise process breaks down muscle fibers, which you must then slowly rebuild with rest … Read more

10 Steps to Building A Successful Personal Trainer Website

A well-designed personal trainer website offers a host of benefits. It will boost your business reputation and generate more leads when done right and used for online marketing purposes. If you’re new in the industry, have some tech skills and want to invest time rather than money in your fitness website, you can choose to … Read more