3 Reasons (and fixes) Your Female Fitness Client Isn’t Getting Results

If your female fitness client isn’t getting results, it’s alarming, right? You know that session or two, even a week or two of a plateau is normal, but it gets hard to come up with answers about why it might be true to calm your clients. Unless of course, you start to second guess them. … Read more

4 Reasons Why a Wellness Program in Your Gym Can Increase Foot Traffic

By Patrick CraigSpecial FBA Contributor Wellness programs have been around the corporate world for years. They used to be called Corporate Fitness Programs and started out as employee perks for people who worked for some of the larger corporations. But over the past several years, mid-range and even small businesses have seen the value in … Read more

Four Reasons to Upgrade your Gym to a Hybrid Fitness Business in 2022

By Patrick CraigSpecial FBA Contributor In my last article, I talked about the business model currently sweeping through the fitness industry—Hybrid. The events of 2020 and 2021 have shown us that this business model is not a fluke or a stop-gap measure, but an industry-wide happening that is not going anywhere. The great lesson learned … Read more