The Blue Print For Bill Gillespie Record Breaking Bench Press

If you are seeking advice on how to increase your bench press max, you’ve probably discovered that there’s no shortage of experts and theories for you to sink your teeth into, but when it comes to learning from the best, you can’t do much better than the teachings of a world record breaker. Bill Gillespie … Read more

Push Press Exercise: How To, Benefits, Variations

The strict overhead press is the gold standard when it comes to overhead pressing. Using nothing more than your upper body you press a barbell strictly overhead with no help from your lower body. There’s no doubt strict overhead press is a fantastic exercise for strength and mass and requires extreme amounts of core strength … Read more

Barbell Floor Press Exercise: How To, Benefits, Variations

Some lifters go into full panic mode when every flat bench is occupied on Bench Press Monday. However, the savvy lifter never worries because there is plenty of space on the floor. Because there’s no reason to fret or lose your temper when you’ve got the best press you’re not doing, the barbell floor press. … Read more