The Northman, Alexander Skarsgård and Your New Viking Gym Clients

Imagine having Alexander Skarsgård pitching your gym to prospective clients. Wouldn’t that be sweet? Well, it’s actually happening right now. Here’s how to capitalize. “The Northman” is now out in movie theatres, and the web is full of articles explaining how Skarsgård got jacked for the role. Here’s a quick survey: “Alexander Skarsgård Gained 20 … Read more

How Magnus Lygdback Transformed Alexander Skarsgard for ‘The Northman’

During the process of helping Alexander Skarsgård transform his physique for The Legend of Tarzan, celebrity trainer Magnus Lygdback and the actor established a friendship and bond that is still strong to this day. During the near year-long commitment of the film, Skarsgård informed Lygdback about an idea he had for a project that centered … Read more