Are You the Media Equivalent of a PT Client Who Cancels Every Day?

“Consistency is the key to getting the results you want.” As a gym owner, you’ve no doubt said something exactly like that to a client. Today, I’m saying it to you as a media person. At a recent one-hour seminar for Two-Brain clients, I identified the two main problems gym owners have when it comes … Read more

Do You Need a Large Social Media Following to Be a Successful Trainer?

By Kiera Carter​, Special FBA Contributor Sponsored by Wix Fit I speak to a lot of trainers who feel pressure to be everywhere and do everything. Everyone is strapped for time, and perhaps more importantly, low on energy. Social media is the biggest example—or cause—of this problem. Trainers see other trainers with six-figure Instagram followings … Read more

Steelers Star TJ Watt Quit Social Media, Then Went on to Tie NFL Sack Record

With two games left in the 2021 NFL regular season, the Pittsburgh Steelers and linebacker TJ Watt were all but eliminated from playoff contention; One statistical source gave them a scant two percent chance of making the postseason ahead of the team’s Week 17 Monday night game against Cleveland. Meanwhile, Watt had already set the … Read more

Unlocking Hidden Media Value in Gyms with Programmatic Advertising

By Joe Konigonis, Special FBA Contributor For owners of gyms and health clubs, expensive gym equipment and fitness technology are typically among the significant assets of value at their locations. Gym owners invest heavily to ensure they have the best and latest equipment and fitness technology to attract and retain members in a heavily competitive … Read more