7 TikTok Content Marketing Tips for Personal Trainers

Living a fit and healthy lifestyle will always be considered aspirational and worth participating in. For this reason, people learning to love themselves, take care of their bodies, and improve their health will always track well as social media content. From before and after pictures to people describing how much better they feel since embarking … Read more

The Top Free Fitness Marketing Tasks to Get More Clients

Do you want to drive more clients towards your services but are unsure how you can market them with little to no funds? Worry no more. Here are the top free fitness marketing tasks you can include in your schedule to get more clients. Tip 1. Write for Industry Blogs If you want to see … Read more

The Power of Personalization Through Technology in Fitness Marketing

By Maartje Pleiter​, Special FBA Contributor Digitization has unlocked opportunities in many sectors. More than ever before, we are demanding quick and accessible services that provide experiences tailored to our individual preferences. When opening an app, for example, we expect to receive things such as customized offers and notifications based on our behaviour. And this … Read more

When Your Business Isn’t Growing: Fitness Marketing Basics #308

#308 12 o’clock Fitness marketing basics aren’t the sexy, social media influencer, ego-centric increase in fans and followers, and more likes on your recent post. Fitness marketing basics are simultaneously the easiest and easiest to resist steps to successful revenue building. This episode reviews the fastest way to grow your business. Then what I’m going … Read more

Your Gym’s Blog Isn’t for You: Content Marketing Mistakes

Here’s a question you should never ask yourself when it comes to content marketing: “What do I want to write about?” It’s not relevant with regard to your business. Ask it off the clock—on Saturday morning when you have free time to pursue your personal interests. Then go ahead and write “Harry Squatter and the … Read more

The Top Fitness Marketing Podcasts of 2021 (and all time)

#297 This episode is a countdown of the Top Fitness Marketing Podcasts of 2021 (and All Time). I couldn’t resist throwing in some that are huge standouts from prior years (this show is in its 9th season)! You can find the episodes at fitnessmarketingmastery.com, Apple podcasts, iTunes, iHeartRadio and anywhere you listen to podcasts. In … Read more