Not All Beef is Created Equal: Here’s How to Choose the Best Meat on the Market

From post-workout meals to food prep, meat plays a vast role in the lives of fitness enthusiasts. An essential part of a healthy diet, meat is a vital source of protein, vitamins, and nutrients, which are crucial for muscle repair and overall wellbeing. Although it’s widely known that consuming clean meat is important, the quality … Read more

Market Muscles Newest Sponsor to Join the FBA Ranks

NEWS RELEASE Market Muscles Newest Sponsor to Join the FBA Ranks “The all-in-one martial arts & fitness website, marketing, and membership management platform” (MINNEAPOLIS, MN, May 12, 2022) – The Fitness Business Association (FBA) today announced that Market Muscles has become the latest sponsor to the FBA’s ever-growing list of partnership companies. Taking what can … Read more

How to Market a Personal Training Business When You Have No Money

There’s no denying that launching a new business can be pretty challenging, especially given the current events occurring in the world. Despite that, hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs launch start-ups that turn out to be hugely successful each year. One of the most rewarding yet lucrative industry in the United States is the personal trainer … Read more