Why is it Important?- HealthifyMe

Variability has different connotations in different contexts. Its relationship with the term stability varies too. For example, stability is not immobility because your glucose levels will intrinsically vary. However, this variation depends upon many factors, but what matters is how vast or high this glucose variability is. The degree of variability will determine what your … Read more

Why is it Important for Everyone to Have Access to CGMs?- HealthifyMe

People often live with the misconception that only those who have diabetes should keep track of their glucose metabolism and take measures to keep their blood glucose level at an optimal level. So, with Continuous Glucose Monitors like the ones provided by HealthifyPro, some may believe that unless one has diabetes, they need them. On … Read more

What is Metabolic Health, and Why is it Important?- HealthifyMe

You might have seen numerous diet plans across the internet insisting you boost your metabolism with certain foods and consistently lose weight. This metabolism that they are referring to is the life-sustaining ability of your body to absorb nutrients and energy from food. This process serves the purpose of initiating growth and various body functions. … Read more

The 4 Most Important Exercises You Need to Lose Belly Fat After 60

Exercises are extremely effective in getting rid of belly fat after 60, but the question is which ones are best? There is no shortage of exercises that burn calories, speed up metabolism, and boost fat loss. While any exercise is always better than none, choosing the right ones can help tackle your unwanted belly fat … Read more