The Health Benefits of Cumin- HealthifyMe

The term ‘Cumin’ is from the Latin Cuminum, from the Greek term ‘Kyminon.’ cumin is famous with a variety of names in several languages, including kū míng (Chinese), jeera (Hindi), Cumino (Italian), Comino (Spanish), Cumin (French), Kamoun (Arabic), and kreuzkümmel (German). It is the dried seed of the herb Cuminum cyminum, also related to parsley. … Read more

Trina Clayeux Explains the Connection Between Physical and Mental Health

One of the many reasons that people get into fitness and training is because they’re trying to work through something. Whether it’s something from the past that is haunting them, overcoming self-esteem issues, or using the weights as therapy, physical health has been an outlet to help people with mental health for decades. Whether it … Read more

The Transgender Community and Their Health- HealthifyMe

The basic design of a progressive society is based on a steady foundation of acceptance and acknowledgement. Uplifting the strata of society has never been more important than now, so we come together as a large, well-informed community. To know about far and beyond, we need to know more about the people around us, starting … Read more

Nutritional Facts and Health Benefits- HealthifyMe

Kelp (scientific name: Laminariales) is a large brown seaweed. Seaweeds claim to contain at least 10 times the amount of minerals compared to the plants grown on soil. This is because the seaweeds absorb minerals from their surrounding marine environment. Seaweeds are a typical food in the Japanese style of cooking. Various kinds are edible … Read more

8 Tiny Mental Health Habits That Will Help You in 2022- HealthifyMe

Let’s be honest, prioritizing your mental health can seem daunting and intimidating. We are constantly bombarded with advertisements on TV, radio, and social media platforms telling us how we can focus and pay more attention to our mental health. But, what if that one thing is to change your entire mindset or lifestyle so that … Read more

What is Metabolic Health, and Why is it Important?- HealthifyMe

You might have seen numerous diet plans across the internet insisting you boost your metabolism with certain foods and consistently lose weight. This metabolism that they are referring to is the life-sustaining ability of your body to absorb nutrients and energy from food. This process serves the purpose of initiating growth and various body functions. … Read more

Health Benefits and Nutritional Facts- HealthifyMe

The first question that comes to mind is, is Oyster sauce made with Oysters? The answer is both yes and no. The original recipe included oysters initially. Then, slow cooking of oyster broth created this recipe. But now we have vegan substitutes for everything. You must have heard about accidental discoveries. Well, fun fact! Oyster … Read more