Why Its a Good Idea To Wear Fitness Leggings To The Gym?

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The Northman, Alexander Skarsgård and Your New Viking Gym Clients

Imagine having Alexander Skarsgård pitching your gym to prospective clients. Wouldn’t that be sweet? Well, it’s actually happening right now. Here’s how to capitalize. “The Northman” is now out in movie theatres, and the web is full of articles explaining how Skarsgård got jacked for the role. Here’s a quick survey: “Alexander Skarsgård Gained 20 … Read more

Will Belgian Ventilation Plan Help or Hinder Gym Owners?

In post-pandemic Belgium, the federal government is now rolling out the details of a “ventilation plan” for public places, including gyms, restaurants and theaters. It’s an interesting move that might have significant effects on the fitness industry if governments in other areas follow suit. Some of those effects might actually be good for a change. … Read more

How Do You Choose The Best Womens Gym Leggings?

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4 Reasons Why a Wellness Program in Your Gym Can Increase Foot Traffic

By Patrick CraigSpecial FBA Contributor Wellness programs have been around the corporate world for years. They used to be called Corporate Fitness Programs and started out as employee perks for people who worked for some of the larger corporations. But over the past several years, mid-range and even small businesses have seen the value in … Read more