The Deadbug Exercise: How To, Benefits, Variations

The dead bug exercise is a silly name for any exercise, there’s no getting around that. The movement doesn’t appear to do anything that beneficial, which is why many lifter may shrug it off and ignore incorporating it into their routine. That’s a real shame because when the dead bug is performed correctly, it’s an … Read more

Deadlift Deficit Exercise: How To, Benefits, Techniques

You’re reading this because you love to deadlift. You love the challenge of stepping over the bar and gripping and ripping heavy weight from the floor. When lifting heavier weights, little technical hitches can appear that are covered up while you’re working with submaximal weights. And the conventional deadlift is no different and that’s where … Read more

Time to Digitize in Order to Innovate Group Exercise

By Emma Excell​, Special FBA Contributor Delivered well, group exercise can become the beating heart of any fitness offer, bringing together like-minded people into a loyal community. But, the experience does not start and end in the studio, it starts with the booking process and ends when the member exits the building. As a result, … Read more

Push Press Exercise: How To, Benefits, Variations

The strict overhead press is the gold standard when it comes to overhead pressing. Using nothing more than your upper body you press a barbell strictly overhead with no help from your lower body. There’s no doubt strict overhead press is a fantastic exercise for strength and mass and requires extreme amounts of core strength … Read more

Barbell Floor Press Exercise: How To, Benefits, Variations

Some lifters go into full panic mode when every flat bench is occupied on Bench Press Monday. However, the savvy lifter never worries because there is plenty of space on the floor. Because there’s no reason to fret or lose your temper when you’ve got the best press you’re not doing, the barbell floor press. … Read more