John Edward Heath Continues to Put on an ‘MVP’ Performance Every Day

With a little more focus on core strength and balance, John Edward Heath finally landed a perfect power clean. The total amount of weight Heath pulled was irrelevant considering his now-viral 2021 achievement took place barely a week after having his left leg removed. As dark as that moment sounds, amputation may barely crack the … Read more

Tracking the Decline to 0 Steps per Day

Wearable fitness tech might be useless without you. As cool as these devices are, fitness researchers have discovered that they aren’t getting people moving. Instead, Garmin, Apple, Fitbit and others are actually just logging humanity’s slow decline into sedentarism. That’s bad news for the world but good news for gym owners and fitness coaches. Turns … Read more

Are You the Media Equivalent of a PT Client Who Cancels Every Day?

“Consistency is the key to getting the results you want.” As a gym owner, you’ve no doubt said something exactly like that to a client. Today, I’m saying it to you as a media person. At a recent one-hour seminar for Two-Brain clients, I identified the two main problems gym owners have when it comes … Read more

GoodLife’s Bad Day a Bonus for Microgym Owners in Canada?

A mass firing by a corporate chain of gyms might be a good thing for Canadian microgyms. GoodLife terminated 480 fitness instructors at 189 of its facilities in Canada earlier this week, and while I hate seeing people lose their jobs, I’ve learned to look for silver linings after dealing with the pandemic for two … Read more

I Cloud Eat This Sinangag, Filipino Garlic Frie Rice Every Day for Breakfast

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and in the Philippines, that means rice. Often sweet but also savory, rice is the base of many breakfast dishes. One of those dishes is Sinangag or garlic fried rice. What Is Sinangag? Originating in the Philippines, Sinangag is a nutritious and filling breakfast … Read more

A Healthy and Happy Valentine’s Day- HealthifyMe

The month of February marks the beginning for the celebration of love. It is the day when we make sincere efforts to spend time with our loved ones with candlelight dinners, romantic getaways and extravagant gestures. Valentine’s day gives us the perfect opportunity to express our love and affection to all our loved ones. Over … Read more

ASK ANDY: ‘I Worked Out Every Day in January, Why Do I Still Look the Same?’

That’s a great question this time of year, when a lot of folks might be getting frustrated by trying to create some positive change in their bodies but aren’t seeing the fruits of their labor. While it’s difficult to pinpoint the exact obstacle in the path of each person – since every body is unique … Read more

13 Fitfully Thoughtful Gift Ideas to Give to Your Loved One on Valentine’s Day

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