Training Women in Menopause? Are You More Ageist Than You Think? Copy

I think training women in menopause comes with a responsibility. If it’s our mission to serve them, then we’re tasked with the need to call out them… and us… when we’re misfiring ageist messages. I think we can agree with this: Age doesn’t matter. It’s ability. But age will matter as long as clients say, … Read more

Defining Successful Fitness Business for Your Own Happiness Copy

If you’re not defining a successful fitness business for yourself, you’re going to be more and more unhappy as you grow and scale it. If you start out working around the clock without an end in sight or boundaries, chances are, in five years you’ll still be doing it. That said, you have to be … Read more

New Female Fitness Entrepreneurs Podcast Copy

12 o’clock I’m rebranding the podcast you’re listening to and there’s a new female fitness entrepreneurs podcast coming soon. I’ve polled my team. I’ve asked a small group of my private business coaching clients. I’ve Googled anything that might never be possible to Trademark because of conflicting titles. (You should do this before you name … Read more