A simple office challenge provided the life-changing push Mariska needed to transform

When Mariska Potgieter got married, she was friendly and outgoing. But she soon fell into the habit of eating whatever she wanted, whenever she wanted and quickly picked up 30 kilograms. Mariska felt like she had somehow lost herself, and the weight gain took its toll on her marriage as well as her health. READ … Read more

Fire Up All Cylinders With The Muscle-Ups Challenge

It’s hard not to be impressed when you see someone performing muscle-ups! You can see, immediately, that he or she has put in the time and dedication to make their “machine” strong and capable. Muscle-ups are a very challenging, advanced movement that demands explosiveness and power from many of the muscular systems in our bodies. … Read more

The Ironman May Be Jeff Cottrell’s Second Most Difficult Challenge

An Ironman is a test of pain tolerance, and mental and physical endurance. For Jeff Cottrell, the Ironman Memorial Hermann Texas this weekend will be a challenge, but it’s nothing compared to the hurdle he’s overcome to get to the point of competing in his second attempt at finishing. In 2014, Jeff Cottrell was diagnosed … Read more