Save Your Voice: Microphone Best Practices for All Fitness Businesses

By Noël Nocciolo and Ashley FitzSimmons-Olsen, Special FBA Contributors When considering a long career in the fitness industry, coaches often focus on injury prevention to keep their bodies in top shape. We know that building strength and cross-training can help prevent physical injuries we can see, and whose effects we certainly can feel. We understand … Read more

3 Sure-Fire Ways Fitness Businesses Can Conquer Inflation

By Ollie Bailey​, Special FBA Contributor Sponsored by GymCatch Inflation has risen worldwide and there is no escaping it. It hit 8.5% in the United States last month alone with fuel and energy prices making the highest impact on households. In simple words, inflation means you have to spend more to get the same. This … Read more

3 Ways Fitness Businesses Can Ride the Wave of COVID Unexpectedness

By Jane Bahneman, FBA Special Contributor With friends and colleagues at the helm of fitness businesses around the country, I have the distinct benefit of leaning into this expansive network for conversation, support, and camaraderie. Quite honestly, I’ve realized each of us has been living in very different worlds for the last two years. The … Read more

The Significance of Wearables and Tracking for Strong Fitness Businesses

By Hugo BraamSpecial FBA Contributor There was a time when many of us only tracked our health check via an app when going on a run, or perhaps when our phone or smartwatch to see how many steps we might have taken during a particularly busy day. The concept of performance measurement through a wearable … Read more