When Your Business Isn’t Growing: Fitness Marketing Basics #308

#308 12 o’clock Fitness marketing basics aren’t the sexy, social media influencer, ego-centric increase in fans and followers, and more likes on your recent post. Fitness marketing basics are simultaneously the easiest and easiest to resist steps to successful revenue building. This episode reviews the fastest way to grow your business. Then what I’m going … Read more

[TRANSFORMATION] Lebo learns the basics on her path to success

Lebogang Sithole was first motivated to lose weight while planning a trip to the Bahamas for her birthday. Unfortunately, her bikini body never materialised, and today she knows the reasons why. “While I have always loved fitness, I didn’t understand anything about exercise and nutrition. I didn’t even know what a calorie deficit was. And … Read more

Cover the plant-based basics | Fitness Magazine

Plant-based diets have become more popular in recent years, but there’s a ton of confusion regarding meat-less or less meat eating. Most people think of plant-based as just vegan or vegetarian and won’t even consider trying it because they enjoy their meat too much. However, the Mediterranean diet and the flexitarian diet are also considered … Read more