Strongman Mark Felix Tips For Lifting In Your Late 50s

Mark Felix, the Grenadian-English strongman icon, has already forged a huge legacy during his 20-year career but, in an exclusive chat with M&F, ‘The Miracle’ appeared more fired up than ever ahead of the 2022 World’s Strongest Man competition taking place May 24-29 in Sacramento, CA. We sat down with Felix, one of the world’s … Read more

The 3 Best Exercises That’ll Reinvent Your Body In Your 50s, and Beyond

Experts Aging comes with a lot of changes. You become wiser, more gracious, and mature. You have financial gains, wisdom, and free time after decades of putting in the hard work. But it also brings some inconveniences like slower metabolism and joint pain. Your body is more prone to injuries and not quite fit like … Read more