How to Promote Your Fitness Blog

Today, we’re going to talk about how to promote your fitness blog so that you can get more websites visitors, grow your audience and get more leads. Let’s get straight to it!

1. Publish Data Driven Content

Of course, the first step to promoting your fitness blog is to make sure that you post awesome content that isn’t just useful but is also backed by data.

This is especially important nowadays when clients are more skeptical than ever before.

When you make a claim, first, ask yourself whether it’s true. Not just because you believe it, but it is true according to the latest research and anecdotal evidence. Then consider backing up your claim with whatever evidence you find.

data driven blog post

In this post, we simply linked to the research paper that confirmed the claim the blog was making. It’s so simple but it says to the reader that you’ve done your homework and understand the topic.

2. Upgrade Old Content

If you’ve been blogging for a while now, you probably have a tonne of old content sitting in your archives. This old content may already be indexed by Google but sitting somewhere on page 2, 3 or 4 of Google search.

An update of this content and another bout of consistent promotions could be all it needs to bring it up to one page of Google and get yourself a tonne of new readers and potential leads.

To find this content, use a tool like Ubersuggest to find pages that you’re almost on page one for.

This keyword is in position 18 on this website. That’s page 2. A revamp of that page could bring it up to page one and improve the ranking of all the other related keywords too. That’s a tonne of traffic!

3. Facebook Post Boosts

I know, I know. The Facebook ads guy you know said boosts are a waste of time and yo should use the Ads Manager, but hear me out.

Facebook Ads Manager is a technical nightmare for most people so Facebook Boost options are an easy way to get your post out there without all the complicated Ads Manager set up.

Plus, boost options are now really detailed and you can even include retargeting options in the boosted post.

This is important because retargeting is the difference between $2 per click and $0.20 per click.

4. Newsletters

Email marketing is still one of the most effective marketing strategies, often outranking the most advertising platforms like Facebook and Google ads in terms of Return on Investment.

Email is also one of the best ways to promote a new post, get eyes on and get shares for that post.

If you don’t have an email marketing system set up, consider getting one and emailing your subscribers regularly. The same day every week works well.

5. Social Media Images

Promoting your post on social media is obvious so I won’t waste a whole tip on explaining why you should do that.

However, some people do often get it wrong but just plopping a link to their post on the personal, business and group pages with little to no description and using whichever image Facebook finds.

Instead, try to write a detailed paragraph about why your social media audience should read the post and include an interesting image, even if you have to make a new one.

In other words, put some effort into each and every post.

6. Blog to Video

Video is one of the leading ways potential clients will choose to absorb content so it stands to reason that turning each blog into a video will get you more visits to you more site visits.

A great strategy used by the pros is to upload your video to YouTube and then embed the Youtube video on to your blog. That way, you get traffic to your Youtube channel and your blog page.

7. Time Your Promotions

An often overlooked marketing principle is timing. When you promote your blog on social media and email make a huge difference in the number of initial visits your blog gets.

The good news is that your Facebook page manager and your email marketing tool will have some great insights to show you when the most number of people read your posts and open your emails.

8. Promote Other Blogs

Wait.. what? You might be wondering how promoting someone else’s blog can help you get more visitors to yours?

Promoting someone else’s blog helps you get on their radar so that they’ll, in turn, promote your blog to their audience.

This strategy only works if you’re genuine with your recommendations and not just doing it for the sake of it.

9. Graphics

Nobody want to read a huge all of text. If you can find ways to spice up your blog posts with graphics, you’ll get more readers and you’ll have more graphics to share on social media. Plus it can massively reduce bounce rate which is a bu problem for blogs and service websites (like personal trainer websites).

A great way to get graphics is to Google the topic you’re talking about and find any relevant images. Just be sure to make sure you’re able to download and use them for your own use. If you’re not sure, just make sure you credit the site you found them on.

10. List Posts

List posts, posts that literally list tips, tricks, products and reviews, are the most popular type of blog according to Buzzsumo.

List posts are not only a great way to layout a complex topic in an easy to understand format but you can also promote other people companies within those posts and get shares.

For example, you could write a post about the top 10 trainers in your location and actually link to them (include yourself of course). This shows that you’re not only confident in your service but enables you to tap into the audience of other trainers and build a strong fitness community.

waite training top 10 personal trainers blog

What Do You Think?

Are you using any of the strategies mentioned above? What’s working well for you?

Do you need any help with the strategies listed. If so, don’t hesitate to get in touch or ask a question in our friendly community.


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