PUMA creates sustainable running gear in X FIRST MILE range

Change is a marathon, not a sprint, with each stride bringing us closer to our goal. It is with this belief that PUMA created RUN PUMA x FIRST MILE, a collection of sustainable running gear featuring pieces made from at least 47% recycled materials. But it’s more than turning plastic into product: The collaboration is … Read more

Is Avocado Good for Diabetics? Let’s Find Out!- HealthifyMe

Avocado is a superfood with unusual looks. This dark green or sometimes blackish skinned fruit has a creamy green inside. The flesh is smooth and buttery, has a subtly nutty flavour, and has a texture akin to a firm, ripe banana. Avocados have a host of minerals, vitamins and antioxidants and are known for containing … Read more

John Edward Heath Continues to Put on an ‘MVP’ Performance Every Day

With a little more focus on core strength and balance, John Edward Heath finally landed a perfect power clean. The total amount of weight Heath pulled was irrelevant considering his now-viral 2021 achievement took place barely a week after having his left leg removed. As dark as that moment sounds, amputation may barely crack the … Read more

The 4 Most Important Exercises You Need to Lose Belly Fat After 60

Exercises are extremely effective in getting rid of belly fat after 60, but the question is which ones are best? There is no shortage of exercises that burn calories, speed up metabolism, and boost fat loss. While any exercise is always better than none, choosing the right ones can help tackle your unwanted belly fat … Read more

Over 60? These Are the Only 2 Exercises You Should Be Doing to Build Functional Strength

As you get older you naturally begin to lose flexibility, mobility, strength, stability, and balance. You also lose muscle mass due to aging, your body becomes frailer and loses stability. This can lead to a limited range of motion and more restricted movements. These all contribute to something as simple as getting up off the … Read more

Vancouver Startup Trainerize Levels Up Its Leadership; Sets its Sights on $50M ARR USD

Vancouver Startup Trainerize Levels Up Its Leadership; Sets its sights on $50M ARR USD The recently acquired online fitness category maker accelerates its growth trajectory with a new leadership structure and continues to make waves in the FitTech industry VANCOUVER, BC, May 24, 2022 Trainerize, a once up-and-coming startup in the Vancouver tech scene, announces … Read more

Cucumber and Diabetes: The Healthy Connection

Diabetes is a common problem among people. The most common symptom is persistently high blood sugar levels. People with diabetes should consume foods with a low glycemic index and low carb density. The glycemic index is a food rating system based on carbohydrates in foods. Your body breaks down the carbohydrates and helps them dissolve … Read more