6 Easy Ways Personal Trainers Can Make Money Online

Whether you’re a new or seasoned personal trainer, you’re probably aware of how challenging it can be to get consistent hours during these difficult times, so you might be wondering if it’s possible to make money from your personal trainer website and other online avenues.

The good news is that there are many ways you can make money with an online hustle so you can spend more time at home and work around your schedule. In this guide we’ll list 6 of the best options.

1. Affiliate Marketing

Want to make money by spending a lot of time now and reaping the benefits later? Affiliate marketing might be your best option. This work allows you to earn commissions through online sales. It can be done through your website, Instagram or your blog.

To start, you’ll need to find a brand that you want to affiliate with, a product you’d like to sell. Then, if the company has an affiliate program, they’ll give you an affiliate tracking link that you can use to promote products on your platforms.

Affiliate marketing takes a long time to gain traction so don’t expect the dollars to start tolling in straight away unless you already have a large audience.


If you are an expert in a specific field in the fitness industry, you can find clients online that are willing to pay for advice on how to reach their goals. But those clients aren’t who you might expect. They’re other personal trainers.

Whether you are a dietician, post natal specialist, online personal trainer, or even an S&C coach, you’d be surprised at the number of fellow fitness professionals could benefit from your insight and industry experience. Some of them will also be willing to pay for it.

Keep in mind that the industry doesn’t need more fake fitness mentors but could use experienced trainers and coaches who are open to share their knowledge, experience and advice with those who are still trying to find their footing as a personal trainer.

3. Freelance Work

If you don’t have a “particular set of skills” but still want a fast way to make money, you can look for freelance work in existing websites such as Fiverr. These websites cater to any skills such as program design, nutrition advice and even program critique.

It’s also important to note, the quality of services provided there is super low, so if you jump in with a kick ass service, you could quite easily dominate this space.

One common freelance job you can try is fitness blog writing. Since today’s business landscape is greatly driven by technology, more fitness companies are looking for people to write their blog content. You just need to present a sample blog along with your bid. For a single blog, you can earn as much as $80.

4. Product Reviews

If you love researching, trying and testing new gadgets and products, you might want to consider creating product reviews of popular fitness products. You can either ask the company you’re reviewing to pay you, ideal if you have a large audience. Or you can set up and affiliate program and get a kick back when people read your review and buy a product from your affiliate link.

5. E-Commerce

Adding an online store to your services is easiest when you already have a personal trainer website and your platform comes with e-commerce features. You can still get into it without a website if you choose platforms that can do all the heavy lifting for you.

You can sell branded merchandise like active wear, accessories or even tools that your clients can use to track their progress. Even if you do not have your own products, you can try drop shipping. This is simpler since you only need to take orders and enlist the help of a third-party source to ship products to customers. You can also try selling items on Amazon, eBay, and Etsy.

6. Sponsored Post

If you have thousands of followers on Facebook, YouTube, or Instagram, use it to your advantage through sponsored ads and posts. Most companies are willing to pay trainers with a large audience to promote their services or products to your audience.

You can rake in as much as $10,000 in sponsored posts alone. Just make sure to comply with Google’s and other platforms’ terms and conditions and let your followers know that your post is an ad.

Summing Up

The listed opportunities above are just some of the ways to make money online. If you are a creative and hardworking person, it will be easy for you to establish an income stream through online jobs.


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